We are in the midst of completing our three-years of 50-year reunion classes that the BWC was built around. Last year we celebrated a combined two-year event with the classes of 1970-71, and made up for missing the 1970 reunion year because of COVID restrictions. This year it is the Class of1972’s turn.  Wildcats from those three graduation years are the foundation for our events and have in all honesty, been our most regular attendees over the past 30-plus years.

When Gil and I got this idea started we had our class (Class of ’71) and the class just ahead of us and the class just behind us in mind. 2022 marks the 33rd for the  BWC-Linfield Homecoming events and like last year it is special to us.  This year it’s on Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 19. A little earlier than usual but we are hoping it will provide us with a better chance of tood weather for out events. And it’s a bit different because of the Wildcat football game which will begin at 6 p.m. For us it’s a good thing giving all a lot more time to enjoy the campus and to party.

We start with golf. Well, with what most of us pass off as golf. It is the lowest, low-key golf tournament of all time. There are of course a few die-hards who actually care if they win but most of us only care that there is still beer in the keg when we hit the turn and good friends to talk to during the day. Bascially it is really an extra day to party.

That takes place at Michelbook on Friday. Not many changes there. Cost is $90 for 18 holes and includes your share of a golf cart, a free raffle ticket, all the range balls you would like to hit, a hot dog and beer as long as it lasts. It is open to men and women and if your dog can play that’s okay too. Believe us when we say it is a highlight of the weekend.

Tee time is 12:30 p.m. and registration begins at 10:30 a.m.

Last year the BWC Tailgate on Saturday was back at our old stomping ground in in front of the Linfield Theater where we hosted upwards of 140 Wildcats circa 1965-75 give or take a few years. Same-o this year but the time change for the game has given us an opportunity to enjoy our friends a little longer. We’ll begin around 1 p.m. with a special Happy Hour that will feature drinks and the kind of Happy Hour eats you would expect from a Bill Hayden catered event. The plan is to just mingle up until dinner which is scheduled to be served around 3 p.m. The dinner menu will be the usual special feast that is well beyond the norm for tailgters – again, thanks to Mr. Hayden. Expect top line cuisine from his deFuego Grille restaurant and will also include tailgate staples like hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, chips, desserts and again beer, wine, pop and water. And it’s all you can eat. Cost is up just a tad this year as costs have risen everywhere. Charge is $30 per person but well worth it and a bargain for what you receive.

The tailgate is welcoming as noted, the Class of ’72 and we encourage members of that class to look for additional information on extra events that may be taking place in your honor.

All that being said we hope you take a browse through this improving website. Look at our invitation list, glance at our history, enjoy the pictures and get excited about the coming year. Leave us a note or if you like send us an email to [email protected] and keep checking in to this site as we will have pre-registration opportunities soon allowing you to sign up and pre-pay for our golf tournament and tailgater.

And tell your friends from our era. You will receive an official invitation via email that will include registration information for each event or you can sign up here if you prefer.

Bottom line is it is a great year to make an effort to get back to Linfield and in particular partake in the BWC.

Top left: Manning a registration table at our BWC tailgater are our Co-founder Gil Hargreaves and Kasia Stahancyk around 1996. At right above: Gary Smith and Vince Doherty no doubt discussing their favorite Linfield classes at our first tailgater in 1988. Below: Some 20 years later Rogers Ishizu, Bob Haack and Steve Pickering holding down the registration table.