It doesn’t seem like it, although at our age it sometimes feels like it, but it’s been 50 years since we left Linfield. That, of course, means that this is our 50-year reunion year. As our class president it has kind of fallen on me to extend an invitation for you to join us in October to celebrate this milestone.

I’ve been involved in Linfield Homecomings now for the last 30 years through the BWC, a group with which many of you are quite familiar. We’ve been providing weekend activities from Linfielders from our era (circa 1967-1974 with the vast majority of attendees from the classes of 1968-1972) every year since 1988. What began as a simple tailgater – maybe the first ever at Linfield – has grown into something really special. We annually bring in well over 100 Wildcats from those years.

What we do is all based on getting together with all of your old friends from our class and those a few years ahead of us and a few years behind us. And it is all fun. Nothing out of line. We aren’t sacrificing any Willamette virgins or trying to inject a sense of humor into a PLU grad or de-labotomize a George Fox student, although all those ideas and a few others have been bandied about in our event planning.

We’ve paired things down to a somewhat mild Friday golf tournament and what during our earlier years may have a been a bit of a little raucous tailgater. These days it is a lot less chugging and a lot more hugging.

Here is the the lay of the land for what our 50th year reunion will look like with the BWC. It starts Friday Oct. 2 with the annual BWC Golf Tournament at Michelbook Country Club. Open to men and women, things start at around 10:30 a.m. with registration and golfers tee off at 12:30 p.m. Cost is $90 per golfer. Your entry fee gets you green fees, a cart, one free raffle ticket, all the range balls you would like to hit prior to doing damage to the actual course, all the beer you can handle and a free hot dog. It’s all for fun and probably the least serious golf experience you will ever have. And if you aren’t a golfer we encourage you to stop by early and talk to old friends before they do what damage they can to the course.

Following the golf tournament we are planning our first get-together at a site in McMinnville (still working on where) Suffice to say we will have a spot reserved for our BWC group and there will be food and drink for all.

Saturday, Oct. 3 is our main event. We host a tailgate BBQ in the entry area in front of Linfield’s Ford Theater. It’s not your normal BBQ. Catered by deFuego Restaurant it’s an all you can eat and drink event featuring more than just hot dogs and hamburgers (although the hot dogs and hamburgers we serve are a cut above what you’ll find anywhere else on campus) but salmon, chicken, ribs and more. Our beverage list includes, beer, wine, pop and water. Cost is $25 per person and again, it is all you can eat. We will also offer door prizes and will have a special seating spot to recognize our Class of 1970.

You are on your own for the football game but if you are inclined you can stop by the BWC BBQ site after we kick the stuffing out whatever poor team is unlucky enough to have to play us on Homecoming and you will have a chance to get together for a little more time with you friends. Additional food and drink will be on hand at no charge.

Of course we encourage you to take the time to see the campus again with all the additions and improvements and look into the many events that the college has planned for the weekend including tours, department reunions, lectures and more. Their event schedule can be found online at

Come with a good appetite, a good attitude and good memories and we are pretty sure you will have a good time and leave with a good feeling. And remember we do this every year so you can keep rekindling those old friendships in years to come.

Please know that along with this notice you will receive a regular BWC invitation not too long from now and you can also get involved with us through our Facebook Group page or check out our website at where you can also register for our events and check out our guest list.

One more note. Because of the current national situation with the COVID-19 nothing is certain, even if it is more than six months away. We are taking a positive note and planning for the best-case scenario. Should our plans have to change we will let you know. We hope you will not be deterred. Remember to look for our official BWC-Linfield Homecoming invitation in the mail probably some time in June. It will have event and registration information.

And if you have any questions you can contact me via email at or through our BWC email address at

Really hope to see you this fall and I will be keeping in touch as we get closer to the events.

Bill Hayden
Class President, 1970
Linfield College