There is no doubt that 2020 was a bummer for a year. For the first time ever, almost everything was cancelled. The BWC was no exception. We decided early in the year to put our annual Homecoming event on hold. It sucked big time for all of us but especially for the those of you in the Class of 1970, who were awaiting your 50-year reunion.

Things are a little different this year. For one thing, everything is back on and for another, we are combining 50-year reunion class of 1970-71 to hold a sort of Super-reunion. But everything isn’t set in stone concerning COVID-19 and possible restrictions for Homecoming.

Our policy will be guided by what Linfield allows. We have not heard anything official but for those of you planning to attend it would be wise to expect to bring a mask with you. We don’t know if Linfield will have any type of requirements concerning being vaccinated but we expect that will be the case. If the vaccination requirement is not something Linfield includes we do expect that they will require those who are unvaccinated to wear masks.

We don’t know for sure but we wanted to let you know what we think will be possible scenarios this fall. Once Linfield sets specific rules for attending (if any) we will abide by those. When we know more we will pass the information along.

Thank you all for understanding and if you have any questions feel free to direct them to our email address at [email protected]

BWC Planning Committee