You are about to be subjected to a notice from the BWC Planning Committee that you may not be used to, one that is even contrary to our image (or our image as we perceive it). It is, in fact, very possibly is a BWC first.

Simply put, we as a group have decided to do the right thing.

I know, I know. We can’t believe it either, but after much soul searching (in the past such difficult decisions required maybe three beers to generate an agreeable conclusion) we are, how do I say this, acting mature and being responsible.

That is the long way to say that because of the nature of things in our world today we have decided to NOT move forward with the BWC-Linfield Homecoming activities for 2020. It was not an easy decision but unanimously, those in attendance at our latest meeting on Sunday, agreed it is the correct decision to cancel both our golf tournament and tailgater.

We simply do not feel it is right to risk what might happen to our classmates during these times of COVID-19. Bill Hayden said it for all of us when he noted that should someone come down with the virus because we held an event on campus it would be very difficult to accept.

Our golf tournament and the tailgater, and yes, our hosting the 50-year reunion for the Class of 1970, are on hold until next year – 2021 – when hopefully things will be at least closer to normal. It is our hope to combine the ’70 reunion with the Class of ’71 for a sort of “Super Reunion” at the BWC.

Bill noted that he had contacted many classmates personally and that most were reluctant at best to attend – especially those from long distances that would require considerable travel – because of Coronavirus concerns. And the response from our regular attendees has also been skeptical. Since we are all among the most vulnerable when it comes to infection from COVID we really had no choice.

Also we do not know what Linfield itself has planned for the fall or if the school even is planning a Homecoming. It would appear that a football season is iffy as well. Frankly we believe Linfield will likely come to the same conclusion because of the risks.

COVID has successfully stopped our streak of Homecoming events at 32 straight years. Linfield’s football streak, of course, is still intact.

To all of us who work on this year-round this is a total bummer in an already downer of a year. We hope you understand and we also hope that you will keep in touch via our website or Facebook page or just through this email. And for the Class of ’70, please consider our offer to join us next year so we can have a chance to make it up to you with what should prove to be our biggest Homecoming celebration ever.

Thank you all for understanding and if you have any questions feel free to direct them to our email address at

BWC Planning Committee