We’ve kind of put off really delving into the electronic age for a long time. Not that we didn’t do okay with our original websites – this is our third effort – but it was time we made things a little more user friendly.

Way back when we first explored a web presence, I actually took a class and was able to piece together a kind of rudimentary site based on what I learned during the few hours I remained awake to give us our first appearance on the world wide web. It wasn’t long before it was obvious that it needed an upgrade.

Well, I wasn’t about to do it.

Kasia Stahancyk, one of the members of our Planning Committee at the time, stepped up and put one together that she maintained – with us supplying the content – for several years. It was way better than the first but Kasia eventually moved out of the area and we felt guilty about having such a big project take up so much of her time, especially over a long distance where our correspondence was kind of hit and miss.

Another committee member – Frosti Adams – kept bugging us to step into the new century and provide our group with a stronger, more complete website.

Enter Rusty Rae. Rusty, who has a long history of communications experience and who actually kept up with the trends of the computer age, joined our Planning Committee this year. WeP1050408 asked (okay begged) him to tackle a new website for us.

He stepped up and again, Wow!

When you get the chance after browsing the site (which is still a work in progress and will keep improving as we go) drop a line and thank him for his efforts.

So as I greet you all to this go-to site for everything BWC, I want to thank you all on behalf of the planning group for sticking with us for these 28 years. It began as you know as kind of a “let’s get the band back together one more time” thing back in 1988. Gil and I never expected it would evolve into this. That’s what we get for letting Hayden get involved.

Gil would have been in awe of this site. I’ll write more about our co-founder another day but suffice to say, although he was hardly what you would call ‘computer savvy’, he knew when something was done well. This one would have had him beaming. I could see his big ear-to-ear grin every time I took a peek at the progress.

So, trust me, if Gil would have liked it, so will you.

Please take your time, browse the different menus, see who is signed up to be here, send us the name and contact information of someone we’ve missed, offer us suggestions, make a comment telling us what you think and sign up on the membership page. BTW, when you become an official BWC-Linfield.org member, you can automatically receive an email to your inbox when there is news posted.

We are hoping you will also become a contributor to the site, which we want to become not just an informational site but a place where you can talk about Linfield, past, present and future.

Our goal is to keep it current week-to-week.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Homecoming events at Linfield in the fall. In the meantime I’m gonna browse around a little more myself. Like I’ve been saying throughout this blog, Wow.

Steve L.