He’s a familiar face on the sidelines during Linfield football games, easily recognizable wearing his Wildcat hat, usually decked out in a vest and with his trusty camera in hand.

Over the years it would be hard to find anyone more “into” Linfield and in particular, Linfield athletics than Tim Marsh (Class of ’70), especially since his return to McMinnville as a full time resident. In particular, Tim keeps alive the the great history of Wildcat sports teams through his blog “Wildcatville”.

A relentless researcher on Wildcat teams of the past – in particular the 1960s – Tim has been posting stories relating Linfield athletes, teams and legendary moments since around 2000.

“I think maybe it began then,” says Tim, who is one of the last graduates of Linfield’s Journalism program which ended after his senior year and became a Communications degree. “I know I’ve posted enough at the blog that I can’t remember all of what is posted there.”

A lot of Tim’s blog posts are stories that appeared in newspaper coverage of Linfield games or feature stories written about Wildcat athletes. His research has linked stories from all across the state and even across the country.

“Some of the stories I research and write that cover past events have apparently never been in print and the blog provides a place where they can be read. I enjoy doing it,” said Tim.

Although he doesn’t track readership, Tim isn’t sure how many people actually access his blog. “I suspect it is few if any,” he said, noting that over the years, “the best audience for Wildcatville has been me”.

He has found additional outlets for his stories, using the BWC-Linfield Facebook page to post many of his blogs and always includes direct URL links back to his blog.

“That seems to have created more interest lately,” he said. “I know that often there is a question or reflection by someone from those posts that is related to Linfield sports.”

Along with his Wildcatville entries, Tim often posts current campus photos to his own Facebook page and the BWC site. All of it is popular with Wildcat alums. The pictures and stories jog memories and keep the Wildcat faithful in touch with the campus.

He says even though he lives in McMinnville, he really isn’t on campus all that much, noting that he usually spends his time at the library or Maxwell Field.

Tim grew up in Tacoma, WA but says his folks were “Oregonians”.

“We subscribed to the Sunday Oregonian via mail and we frequently visited Portland to see relatives,” he says. “When it came time for me to choose a college I wanted a small school in Oregon where I could major in journalism.”

The choice came down to Linfield and Pacific and ultimately he says Linfield’s athletic successes influenced his selection. He enrolled as a freshman in 1966.

“I chose well,” he said.

Tim competed in track & field in high school and continued as a member of the Wildcat track team, running the mile and two-mile.

“I’m no athlete but I enjoy athletics and writing about it and taking photos and I enjoyed competing and persevering,” Tim said.

After graduating Tim began a career in journalism working in newsrooms and Oregon daily newspapers and also worked in public information. In 1985, he moved to Pullman to begin a stint at Washington State University where he was a speechwriter for the WSU president and later worked in the WSU news bureau writing news and feature stories, promoting events and activities and taking photos.

Tim retired in 2011 and came back to McMinnville.

He manages to devote plenty of time to his blog. “I don’t know the number of hours I spend on it,” he said. “Too many.”

He does have some favorites among his blogspots, including stories about Linfield quarterback Mike Barrow, NFL experiences of Wildcats Bob Haack, Jim Massey and Joe Robillard and Linfield’s “Hartford Pipeline”. (Links to some of Tim’s favorite blogs are included below).

Tim also like to promote Linfield’s actual school colors.

“Linfield’s colors are cardinal and purple. They are not red and purple as some Linfielders, who should know better, say indiscriminately.”

Oddly enough, Tim is not a fan of purple.

“I do not like or wear purple,” Tim said. “I guess it’s because I worked for 26 years at Washington State and the Cougars’ in-state rival is the University or Washington which has purple and gold colors. I do make an exception for Linfield purple”.

Tim’s Wildcatville blog has in many ways become an archive for 1960s Linfield athletic history. You can access it at: https://wildcatville.blogspot.com. 

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